John_Frusciante_Trickfinger_Acid_House_Cover_Art“Between his solo releases, his work as guitarist for Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Mars Volta, and various collaborations with rap duo Black Knights and Duran Duran (yes, that Duran Duran,) John Frusciante has tackled nearly every genre under the sun. For his latest project, however, Frusciante will be exploring the uncharted territories of electronic music.

On April 7th, he’ll release a self-titled album as Trickfinger, his new acid house alter ego. Due out via Acid Test, the eight-track effort is a long time coming, with Frusciante explaining that he became serious about electronic music as early as 2009. When he started recording, the music was “all experimental acid house,” and that his skills at making rock music didn’t figure into Trickfinger whatsoever. In anticipation, Frusciante has shared album opener “After Below”, it’s as vivid as the sun.”