Elevtr• music blog explores neighborhood identity and the symbiosis of the art it inspires using videography sessions of live events following local artists in a thematic style they are known for; filming each performance with space, energy, and vibration in mind.

As well as traditional interviews, they are writing about the music, art, and culture that begins at the individual and hopes to end at something higher. Elevtr is for poets who can’t live without music and for musicians that create works of poetry in each song.

Nadeem (right) CBGB’S

Founder Nadeem Gibran Salaam is a Brooklyn native raising awareness on the issues of gentrification, race/gender rights, and is an activist for the advocacy for marginalized voices, this is the ethos Elevtr was founded upon and we welcome revolutionary artists.


General Enquiries: e9productions@gmail.com

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• For all short answer general inquiries tweet us @elevtrtrax & for essays please email e9productions(at)gmail(dot)com •


Nadeem G. Salaam | Founder + Managing Director

{Current contributions needed: We are looking for a consistent blogger, native New Yorker preferred or 10 + years}