*Our submission policy has changed*

SUBMISSION POLICY: “Here at Elevtrtrax, we have covered a certain terrain that the human element is often the center of. Our imagination, creativity, exploration of both inner-and-outer realms through music, – are languages all worth cataloging. That, which comes from a place inside the artist that is brimming with what phosphorescence the soul emanates from; into light, into color, for our palabras, and for our voices.”



Use elevtrtrax@gmail.com for SubmissionsAny streaming source will do, we love albums on bandcamp with artwork and all, or barren ideas coming to life on soundcloud.

Use e9productions@gmail.com for Event Coverage, we cover underserved artists in our communities, artists that don’t have the means for full produced video work or lack high-res photography, that are booking, curating, and kicking ass at shows.

(Nadeem Salaam is also a freelance videographer, use the same email for proposals and he’ll get back to you asap with rates for off Elevtr services.)

Use our Meet The Team Section for all current staff writers.