Swet Shop Boys & Humeysha | Live From The Studio At Websterhall

I’m a half-pakistain half-Indian journalist that was on a line for the concert for The Swet Shop Boys, surrounded by a huge group of excited desi folk, (from Webster’s entrance all the way to 3rd ave), wondering if I were at a function with the amount of diaspora millennials! The Swet Shop Boys are the rap duo of Himanshu Suri otherwise known as Heems and Rizwan Ahmed otherwise known as Riz MC and actor from Night Of, while Humeysha is an ethereal hindi-rock band led by singer/songwriter Zain Alam. Zain Alam has been heavily involved with the cross section of New York natives/Desi Americans/artists that have coalesced under The Swet Shop Boys.

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While I originally planned on attending either night, I was bummed I didn’t get tickets in time for either of the two sold out shows. That was until Zain of Humeysha and his band were added to the lineup for night two, when I got the email to come out, I jumped at the opportnity to see Heems, Riz, and Humeysha again.

Probably a feeling that defies every mainstream narrative was stewing there. You won’t see women in hijab’s at other concerts rockin and vibin with a community to lyrics that defend their rights. The Swet Shop Boys have tapped into a collective consciousness of the South Asian / Middle Eastern American. While Riz taps into the Brexit fallout in the U.K. Heems taps into the Trump effect in America. With the release of Cashmire, their momentum seems to only keep propelling them forward with the start of worldwide social and political upheaval, putting brown artists on the frontline to create a counter culture.

Zain Alam of Humeysha

Zain Alam of Humeysha