Jojo Abot | Live From Joe’s Pub


African songstress and creative chameleon, Jojo Abot, whirled Joe’s Pub into a dance frenzy on Saturday night. Her whimsy and humor were interjected between the ethereal hums of melodies like, “Pi Lo Lo,” and the other afrofuturistic beats on recent album, “Fyfya Woto.”


Inviting the crowd to dance and move alongside her, the zebra-print clad Jojo happily laughed and bounced. Every so often she closed her eyes and curved her hands above her wide and angled yellow wig, twisting like the smoke that curled from incense a painted member of her entourage burned at the age of the stage.


The Ghanaian has begun her descent on New York City with music and complementary style that weighs heavy. An ode to African roots, her rhythms are innovative and layered, with hints of electronic hisses and static shock throughout. Her new writing, beautifully sung and spoken in poetry, is dedicated to a woman’s right to choose.


See Jojo in her next US performance at globalFest on January 8, 2017 at Webster Hall.