Tangina Stone | Live From National Sawdust

National Sawdust felt like the perfect hideaway for live music on a slightly snowy, freezing cold Saturday night.

The cavernous space, a welcome home to a variety of performances, genres and audiences, hosted the likes of the Ohio native and Brooklyn believer, Tangina Stone. For her first night at the venue, a standing crowd greeted her, while others sat high above in seats looking over the floor-flush stage.


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The amiable artist took the mic after an impressive instrumental intro from her three-piece band and beamed her smile throughout the room. Bouncing around the set Tangina sang “Ride Off” and other recents with anecdotes in-between for context on her life’s story.


Her voice, versatile and warm, feels friendly. Her personality seals the deal. Tangina radiates a love for not only the songs she writes and sings, but stares comfortably into the camera and singles out the audience for conversation.


In wrap, Tangina managed to find a few extra minutes on the sound schedule to sing an impeccable cover of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” with her own twist, the celebration, a night well-won in Williamsburg.


More to come from this music maker.