Presenting our summer Artist in Residency: Sol Liebeskind @liebeskindsol

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Presenting our summer Artist in Residency: Sol Liebeskind 

“I have had the honor to help two very special individuals that are visiting from Argentina, singer Sol Liebeskind and her partner and guitarist Agustin Uriburu. They quickly became good friends of mine and they inspired a type of Residency program I am running where artists come together and create a foundation for their art to shine however long that moment lasts… What makes this particular moment so special is that they are both wide eyed visitors to my home of NYC and being here as well as any role I play in helping them is but a brief privilege by the nature of the visit. So whatever I can do to help someone discover their talent, which to me is beyond talent, it is a gift from the other side to touch people and brighten their day, instantly from the second you hear Sol’s breathy emotion rich voice it says it all… Friends, i’d like to introduce you to a voice that may stand the test of time once it is shared on the airwaves.” – N.G. Salaam


“The only thing missing in Sol’s name is an U, because that’s all she is, pure soul. When you listen to her, you can hear a subtle still raw voice, with a great power, reminding us of great black voices, but coming from an Argentine girl.
Sol was born in Buenos Aires, 1987 in a family where her brother and father, along with The Beatles and Ella Fitzgerald were her first musical influences. Since an early age, music isolated her from everything else yet it gave her a sense of belonging. With time, she realized there was something natural in her in singing and making music.
Jazz and Blues caught her ears and heart and opened up a path to reach Soul, R&B, Funk, and Hip Hop music. Mesmerized by the rawness and honesty of this music genres, she began interpreting and writing as if with absolute naturalness for an Argentine.
Among her many influences are: Donny Hathaway; Big Bill Broonzy; Ray Charles; Miles Davis; D’ Angelo and Frank Ocean. When you close your eyes and listen to her you can hear a little bit of Lauryn Hill; Aretha Franklin and Billie Holiday mixed with her personal voice and emotional weight.
In her music you can tell the many influences she’s had yet she’s always moving forward, bringing back the old school and putting it into new sound. 
All of this make her a great interpreter, songwriter and artist prepared for taking her music to the entire world! ” – Iñaki Durán, Pelagatos, Buenos Aires, Argentina.