The Sounds Of Revolution

In Lower Manhattan a few nights ago, thousands had gathered at Foley Square to protest Donald Trump’s Muslim majority immigration ban. As the cold air was biting the huddled masses drew strength by cheering in unison, the many cheers of the resistance, “Si se puede” & “I believe we will win” were heard echoing off the buildings around the square center.

Protesters continued to bring the witty and well-crafted signs as a series of speakers took to the center. Foley Square funny enough sits along the block of federal courthouses and The Department of Homeland Security (where the march aimed as its final destination.) to voice their outrage over the unconstitutional ban that target and discriminates against an entire religion. Trump’s manic executive orders block entry for all refugees from Syria indefinitely, halts refugees from other countries for 120 days and restricts travel from six additional majority Muslim countries.

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“We are a city and country of immigrants,” said Rama Issa-Ibrahim, a lead adviser to the NYC Commission on Human Rights, and herself a Syrian immigrant, “We will not stop fighting for everyone’s rights.”

The protesters then walked towards Broadway, with several hundred gathering outside of 26 Federal Plaza, where the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has an office led by a 5 piece gypsy style jazz and brass band.

We want to know how more art and music can intersect with grassroots movements as displayed in our video here. What do you think?