“We have elected the most bigoted and least Christian-like politicians into the White House since the slavery and segregation era politics of America. A type of second-coming of manifest rulership of white despots backed not just the with the might of financial tycoons but the replacement of ‘representers’ of those very forces, they have officially bought our government. They set to kill countless amounts of Americans; not with just the blade, not with the bullet, but the ball-point tip of the pen. Only unity can stop Trumpism. If discourse over our fractured ideals aims only to attain a Puritan-esque polarity of our people, we will sink under the weight of our words, while the Global domination of our planet takes place in the house of Lincoln and FDR.”
 The only words we have time for are weightlessness: our words must aim to elevate the mind and replace the fear in our hearts with the courage of our convictions. There’s only one way forward and it’s going to be in the complexity of millions of people adorned under one flag. If our aim is to simply win the battle of representation within a deeply entrenched system, we may co-sign ourselves to the bottom of a sea we have never seen quite before. Or maybe this crash was inevitable?
With wealth inequality on a runaway train it seems that way, take a look at this: In 2015 around 60 people owned more wealth than the bottom half of humanity. Let THAT sink in, but wait: in 2016, oxford reported in their groundbreaking research that in just one year that number has been reduced to only 6.


“There is only one way forward. And it’s a people’s political revolution.”
While many over the week following Trump’s Executive orders continue to win battles across the U.S., there’s a larger war right over the horizon. The ships of the 6 men and corporations are closer now than ever toward Global domination at the expense of life itself. I would advise to put down the billy-clubs of hashtags and pick up the literature of the revolution’s past, march today, march tomorrow, organize and infiltrate the corrupt system, join nationwide divestments, disruption, and disobedience. Listen to your heart. You already know it will be on the streets and will not be given to us without a mark or without a fight. Take a citizens oath to defend the constitution, we need leaders to lead, not oscillating bitterness and certainly not polarizing one another.
Income inequality and racial/gender equity are attainable and mutually-vested interests, but the classist corporate Democratic Party actually pitted them against each other to coronate their preferred candidate: it’s a big reason why we lost and the Democrats are fully to blame for their arrogance. Luckily groups like Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress are here to help us take the party back (we’ve listed a few items to check out at the end of this article.)
With fascism in power, the purist will not survive, neither will the cruel, the sideline preachers will not survive, neither will the hand of greed, not when there are too many of us that stand together and say no. Not when there are too many givers and believers, forward thinkers, people that commit to the revolutionary act of love and justice in harmony: the backbone of any great song, like the drums, they beat, and mobilize our feet. They move the body of many into oneness, they solve our crisis in the same shape. They propel us together towards creating the world in where we denounce the power we give to them: the power they assume only by our indignation of one another. Without us, they’d be penniless. Without us, they’d crumble to their knees.


 “What we need to move forward is Global cooperative financial resistance for weeks maybe even months.”Do you think they don’t know that? And have made attempts to further control just how free the internet is? Or outlaw protests? Folks, the debates are all fine and well, especially those voices that were silenced, leading many to where we are now, but we all share one common enemy, and it’s a doozie: Crony capitalism, corporate Global economic and environmental terrorism, and fascism.

Many who have always felt this way, aka “The Woke Left” of Greens, Independents, and Progressives are no longer the only ones who do, not with what this incoming administration is set to do and has already done by way of placing oligarchs directly into the departments they are supposed to uphold and serve to benefit people and the planet before the hands of secrecy and greed.
Instead, they do just the opposite, something we cannot afford to do, and will likely pay the price for as global temperatures continue to rise. But what I hope I’ve illustrated is clear: we are in a state of emergency, the prosperity we have attained to work towards a more perfect union is under siege, the privilege of debate culture has died in 2016 when we managed to elect the cabal of economic, social, justice, and environmental terrorists into the White House. This treasonous Cabinet have turned their backs on the American people and the Constitution.
Moderatism has died, accepting little change has died, and if it’s not clear Clintonism is dead, as is neo-liberalism, and the Democrats that take large sums of money, smile in front of cameras, and turn around and vote with Republicans; I cannot stress that enough.  
I once believed a system failed if it allowed people to die while others could afford excess, but now maybe it’s not that our system of Capitalism is over, but rather, we’ve allowed it to fall into the wrong hands, let’s put it back in ours.

1) Join & support Brand New Congress and become a congress member 

2) Realize Democratic Socialism has always been as American as apple pie

3) Unplug from mainstream media, CNN, Fox, MSNBC: 6 corporations own 90% of media, in 1983 there were 50. We live in a time where Trumpism means 1984 Orwellian speak.

4) If and whenever/however you can, reallocate money back into your local economy. That means divest from a major bank into a local one, or a credit union. Defund DAPL have an excellent help guide on how to do that in the U.S.

5) If we get this right we can live in a world where we are all represented and feel good about that and if we end the system that eats us, the intellectual debate will be more popular than football and blind nationalistic pride. The intellectual debate will strengthen our ideals and understanding of the world and one another, not divide us.