Every economist and every shred of history shows us trickle down economics doesn’t work and will only exacerbate our crippling economic situation at home. We need to flip 11 more GOP representatives to kill this tax scam. It can be done. Here’s a list of House members from States that will be badly hurt by this bill and who represent competitive districts.

Let’s start with NEW YORK. Five New York Republicans voted against the bill. That leaves us with three who could change their minds if the pressure is strong:

• Claudia Tenney, 22nd district, New Hartford, (202) 225-3665
• Tom Reed, 23rd district, Corning, (202) 225-3161
• John Katko, 24th district, Syracuse, (202) 225-3701

Now let’s move to NEW JERSEY. All of New Jersey’s Republicans save one voted against the bill. The one exception: Tom MacArthur, Tom’s River, (202) 225-4765

• Tom MacArthur, Tom’s River, (202) 225-4765
This is a tough one, but hey, let him know you’re furious.

CALIFORNIA will be devastated by this bill. Even reactionary Dana Rohrbacher voted against it. Here are six GOP House members from California, all residing in swing districts. They are the most likely to change their votes.

• Jeff Denham, (202) 225-4540
• David Valadao, (202) 225-4695
• Steve Knight, (202) 225-1956
• Ed Royce, (202) 225-4111
• Mimi Walters, (202) 225-5611
• Paul Cook, (202) 225-5861

Swing-state PENNSYLVANIA can be swayed, too. In particular, Ryan Costello, who has been vocal about his misgivings about the bill. Let’s deluge him. Here are the GOP members in toss-up districts.

• Pat Meehan, (202) 225-2011
• Ryan Costello, (202) 225-4315
• Brian Fitzpatrick, (202) 225-4276
• Charlie Dent, (202) 225-6411
• Lloyd Smucker, (202) 225-2411

Here’s something you could say: “I’m calling to express my great opposition to the tax bill now before Congress. This bill will raise taxes on many middle-class families, add $1.4 trillion to the deficit over 10 years, and eliminate important deductions many Americans depend on while providing a huge tax cut to the wealthy. It will particularly hurt (FILL IN STATE HERE). This bill was rushed through the Senate without any members even reading the bill. Please tell Representative ____ to vote no on this bill.”

“PLEASE SHARE. GET MAD. FIGHT.” – Jennifer Patuto