Mission Statement: “Our goal is to make artistic and creative expression a vital part of community by bridging an individual’s spiritual experience and the medium the recognition of that experience produces, to the nectar that is connection through the many art communes that New York provides.

We are a part of a micro-cosmic community in Brooklyn, as the macro-cosmic sister of New York City that has been illuminated by the idea that creation is where a sacred and undervalued facet to the human experience lies—where one can find the honeying echos of our humanity. Though, in our ever advancing efficiencies via Digital-Insta-Everything, we sometimes create a separation to these connections as spectators of art, or unwittingly become ironist of “art.” With all the potentiality to socially engage and enlighten each other through the use of our state-of-the-art technology, it’s our unique culture, our voices, and our experiences that we strive to illumine and capture in jars like fireflies. With a thousand tales of New York, it’s our connectedness and recognition of humanity, of an insoluble oneness that Elevtr Trax was founded on.”

Applying Here:

We have enjoyed sharing our knowledge and insights with you and hope to continue doing so. However, we also realize that it is equally important to have others share their knowledge and experience with everyone as well. To achieve this together, we invite your participation to provide our valued readers/hustlers/artists with quality articles and insights of your own that encapsulate the creatives you work with in this locale.

Elevtrtrax’s main purpose is to elevate the personal stories of NYC artists. We are looking for great writers, active musicians, and hard working creatives like you, who are essentially the “cranks” of Brooklyn / NYC’s music scene. –”E.F. Shumacher didn’t mind when fellow economists dismissed his unorthodox ideas and called him a crank. He chose to take it as a compliment, reasoning that the “crank” is part of the machine that creates revolution and it is very small. I am a small revolutionary.”  

Of course If you’re interested in being a contributor, just send us a link to samples of your work, a personal blog, published article, or a brief pitch of what you’re passionate about here at home. All current writers are given free 4K and HD video support at their disposal, editing and producing is included, if you’ve seen our work on artist documentaries or live coverage, it can be a game changer for your art and music, we also have a talented team with various skill sets, make some friends.

Submit to: + use ATTN: Contributor in headline, looking forward to hearing from you!