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IN SHORT: We offer a PR package that includes article/blog placements, guidance on esthetics for album, a written press release, social media survey and engagement and will curate gigs you want to book, we can book/manage at the many Brooklyn/NYC venues we book with. (Cameo Gallery, The Living Room, Gramercy Theatre, Pianos, The Knitting Factory, Webster Hall, Black Bear Bar, & more.) We work with professional photographers as well as videographers to build your press packages and will handle/assist with many other services like event coverage, bandmember scheduling, tour management, graphic design, web development.

We do not cover all genre’s and all of our promotional tools we have to offer work best if you are basically to some degree in an Indie, Rock, Pop, Alt, or Electronica genre, that said, ALL great music should apply if you want your next release to have a team of people helping you and want to grow with a budding agency.

*Links and Bio’s are all we need; you’re probably beautiful, you’re probably not, you’re probably sane, you’re probably mad, and the music should be all the better because of it.

EMAIL: e9productions@gmail.com // ATTN: Nadeem Salaam


MISSION STATEMENT: “We’d like to announce our artist in residency program. We essentially work with artists one on one face to face to assess potential roadblocks to actualization, keys to maximize oneself, and making strategies towards attaining goals while directing any opportunity that comes our way to the artist in residency. Be it a festival, paid opportunity, or media outlets, via a Rolodex of venues/magazines/producers/studios, or musicians that we work with. To point out as an added bonus there is no profit on our part to be gained from any of our artists in residency. We want to unlock the artist and help them in any means necessary to become an agent of their own financial, spiritual, and artistic power. The old paradigm of profiting off of artists by “keyholders” either financially or emotionally must end and we are working with people who are coming together to create new models that pay artists, promote their story, convey their arts message, and help artists continue to find ways to rise above the mundane bloated industry and not be tricked into begging for inclusion to this dollar-minded system. We’re willing to demand for affordable housing in NYC, protest injustice, and extend a hand to anyone who thinks art is a vehicle towards personal freedom, especially if it’s a hand willing to work to sustain living in this city we love, because we love entertainers but we love people who get artists have to have a say in the art scene here too. Because if we stay vain, the pain is the loss of New York City to a vicious dull benign tower filled city.“

A R T I S T S   I N   R E S I D E N C Y 


TIIIDAL (2014-current)


BIOGRAPHY: “Tiiidal formed during the polar vortex of early 2014. In the year as a band, they’ve been honing their sound, recording and mixing material, and playing shows around Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan to increasingly larger crowds without the benefit of any proper recordings, simply due to word of mouth. Settling in somewhere between indie-pop, shoegaze and guitar driven rock, cited influences range from Built to Spill to New Order, Fugazi to the Grateful Dead. After many hours of discussion, the name TIIIDAL was chosen through a win/lose game of band-name Russian Roulette. First single released May 26th “Meridian” is described as driven by an uptempo drum beat and an eerie set of guitars that illicit long-winding roads and starlit desserts and bizarre group vocals sounding like something coming from a campfire from another dimension reinforce the imagery of twilight desolation.”

Official Web: http://www.tiiidal.com

Tiiidal is: guitarist/singer, Andrew Smith, guitarist/singer, Jordan Taylor, bassist/singer, Nadeem Salaam, and newcomer drummer/programmer, Matthew Aidekman.

From: Bushwick, Greenpoint, Parkslope, LES.



Courtney Mckenna (Spring of 2015)

BIOGRAPHY: “Courtney Mckenna is a soulful songstress based in Brooklyn that is currently recording her debut ep. She is a part of an art collective called Ore Apparel and writes tribal pop music that is, as layered as her visual aesthetics. Her band is based in Williamsburg.”






Sol Liebeskind (Summer of 2014-2015)

BIOGRAPHY: “The only thing missing in Sol’s name is an U, because that’s all she is, pure soul. When you listen to her, you can hear a subtle still raw voice, with a great power, reminding us of great black voices, but coming from an Argentine girl. Sol was born in Buenos Aires, 1987 in a family where her brother and father, along with The Beatles and Ella Fitzgerald were her first musical influences. Since an early age, music isolated her from everything else yet it gave her a sense of belonging. With time, she realized there was something natural in her in singing and making music. Jazz and Blues caught her ears and heart and opened up a path to reach Soul, R&B, Funk, and Hip Hop music. Mesmerized by the rawness and honesty of this music genres, she began interpreting and writing as if with absolute naturalness for an Argentine.

Among her many influences are: Donny Hathaway; Big Bill Broonzy; Ray Charles; Miles Davis; D’ Angelo and Frank Ocean. When you close your eyes and listen to her you can hear a little bit of Lauryn Hill; Aretha Franklin and Billie Holiday mixed with her personal voice and emotional weight. In her music you can tell the many influences she’s had yet she’s always moving forward, bringing back the old school and putting it into new sound. All of this make her a great interpreter, songwriter and artist prepared for taking her music to the entire world! ” – Iñaki Durán, Pelagatos, Buenos Aires, Argentina.“



YGB (young black & gifted) (2012-2014)

BIOGRAPHY: “The YGB collective is comprised of 7 talented young musicians. Leo (Musical Director/Pianist), JHaz (Drums), James (Electric Bass), Charles Jourdan (Upright Bass), TC (Saxophone), Sanura (Vocalist), Duckie Brown (Lyricist) The YGBMovement is primarily about our love for making great expressive music. We pride ourselves on making music that people can ‘feel’; music you can ‘bump’ to. You can have the most creative music in the world, but if people can’t relate to it, we feel you haven’t done your job as an artist. We want to inspire people to push their creativity to the limit while still making it easy for fans to relate to what they do. I always say, ‘Never limit the ability of God and the gifts he gives us based on your own mental limitations.” (Photography by: N.g. Salaam)




BIOGRAPHY: “Charles Jourdan is a jazz, rock, latin and funk bassist, guitarist and vocalist from Long Island, New York. Charles has performed with many diverse artists such as T.K. Blue, Bobby Sanabria, Felili, Melody Rose, and Apophenia. Also, he has played at Carnegie Hall, the Juan Les Pins Jazz festival, the Iridium Jazz Club, and CBGB’s. He is currently stockpiling and creating new material for himself and other groups he is affiliated with.” (Photography by: N.g. Salaam)




APOPHENIA (2006-2012)

(Photography by: N.g. Salaam) Full Bio on Wikia Article

BIOGRAPHY: “Apophenia is one of the few Independent bands endorsed by the worlds largest Cymbal company! Paiste Cymbals proudly support and sponsor’s Charles Norris III, sharing the endorsement with bands like Kings of Leon, Death Cab For Cutie, The Raconteurs, Interpol and The Black Keys.“

The Deli Magazine Staff Nominated Apophenia as Artist of the Month For NYC For June & Published, “Apophenia creates music that surrounds you in every direction. It’s like listening to their lush and powerful orchestrations from the bottom of a canyon. Whether discussing the final steps before reaching the gallows, or the freedoms of the open road, singer Seamus Kerley and band bring a majesty to their stew that mixes their ingredients with hearty soul and pointed harmonies. Recalling groups from CSNY to Sunny Day Real Estate in their latest self-titled LP, the three-piece paints with a large brush to cover such a wide territory.”