“If you ride the L train in ‪‎Williamsburg‬, you probably have caught Mountain Animation‬ busking. (Or the Woodsy looking dudes, one with the violin, the other playing guitar, singing and playing the foot-drum on his suitcase.) They are actually two-pair troubadours Zack Orion (vocals, banjo, foot drums) and Scott Murphy (violin, electrified violin, fiddle, back up vocals) busking in our cities inner-web of subway platforms; setting the hearts ablaze of fidgety train gawkers with their riotous percussive folk/grass roots music, that is simply electric! This weekend synchronicity was abound, when I had just spent an afternoon with my friend, a cellist for a project writing music and went out for dinner after to met up with my other three violinists friends. We took a walk to Washington Square park, when we stumbled upon the great cellist Peter Lewey performing wonderful classical arrangements under the Arch! As the cool languorous hints of summer wafted in the air, these friends soon departed on their own mini journeys home. On the L train home, it was just artist Israel Heller and I—a violinist experimental artist from Williamsburg— we began to speak of some of the best performers we have seen on subway platforms, I mentioned a duo of the name Mountain Animation, (Israel has never heard of them,) music had filled our hearts all the day long and how could any of us have left feeling any less satiated tonight? Till the Bedford avenue stop grabbed me by my feet and swallowed me into the abyss of people; it was time to walk home, I waved, “Goodbye! Till next time!” As suddenly, an aria from heaven that could have halted Hercules or Sparta, stopped me in my tracks. And whom else graced my ears but the rhythmic sensational pulsating tunes of Mountain Animation! The Gods were indeed planting signs all around me tonight! It’s how I got to know the band, we spoke about my Bowery-Houston Mural Show‬ for Make Music NY and that my friends is how the two fine troubadour gentleman agreed to perform this year at the Elevator9‬ Houston Bowery Mural Show.”