Anna Von Hausswolff – Ceremony

Record21Sept-005“Anna Von Hausswolff carries just as big of an imaginative bunyanesque as her name suggests. The singer/pianist native to Sweden, writes choir-infused burial songs—the death of her grandfather channeling this—that feature many of the instruments she grew up around. Church organs, hymnals sung with her sisters, and Carl Michael von Hausswolff, the renowned avant-garde composer, her father. There is a level of celebration in the cistern, it’s never easy to say goodbye, but Anna reminds us the two are never exclusive, that light and dark are like inhaling and exhaling breath.

“How do we know? How can we know?” I love powerful questions in songs that we will never answer in pre-determination. When she released Ceremony, Anna toured North America, she wound up in Brooklyn playing the now fully deceased Glasslands Gallery, adding to the list of international artists to grace the stage of one of the best DIY spaces in a decade. Throughout Ceremony, von Hausswolff plays the pipe organ of the century-old Annedalskyrkan Church, in her native Gothenburg, Sweden, often joined by serpentine guitar and a restrained yet potent rhythm section. What amazes more still is that she is still only 21 years old.”