“@eden_mcmxcv There is something special about Eden’s latest concept piece called “End Credits.” The way the waves pulse and guide the record in a delicate way. The snippets of conversation, (often inaudible) give the ear something it knows almost instinctively; conversation tinged with emotional tones people are often oblivious to when they leave voicemails. The group male-female harmony work finds a rhythmic verse meets melodic chorus structure that could be seen as some as standing at a contrast to the more experimental elements of this album, but if you really forget the two are in one record and loop it, you really come to enjoy the blend of the combination of polished meets the sparsity, which you’d expect from tape-matic artists. As a take away, the Postal Service pop-sensability with way more R&B merits to this project than it strives for, meets the experimental qualities, make this album stand strong in the hybrid-light of Eden’s own soundscape.” – N.G.Salaam