“@siannaplavin What comes after death? Some, have it all planned out, it’s been written in a man made book that gets passed on for centuries, others say, “nothing,” that your body is simply a vessel and when you extinguish a last breath, it’s insignificant, like a gentle breeze on your neck… Sianna Plavin’s music however may be an attempt to place a wedge between the self-ritious and the non-belivers. Transmissions taken from her time alone in various woodland regions of America in trailers; it’s as if the recordings were a second feature to the experience she lived, caught in a jar for you to play on repeat. Well, for forever really, whatever forever means to you. Go On Now is the cartography for music and proof that souls inhabit bodies long after they are gone. Luckily she is touring, active, and willing to bare her soul with you, that’s why living in the moment is important, don’t try to hold onto time, make use of the time you have and don’t regret never having the courage or making the time to get up and check out an artist you love you’re lucky they left their house today.” – N.G. Salaam