“Rounding out to half way through their Pianos Residency, @doremidom / Star and Sea lead by Dominque Star (yes it’s her real name) were as tight as you’d expect from musicans that rehearse a lot. The combination of just keys, one guitarist, bass/ drums, and Dominique’s voice however, a warm and endearing vocal to point, paint a wide lens. Although often with an air of  playful, some of her more intamiate songs really show the maturity in her writing. Dominque has a way of grabbing your heart strings and lead the electric charge of seasons musicians while the urge to move you on your feet, finds it’s way through the rich layers of her songs. It’s that pop element that’s the glue ontop of all the musical hipness. If you haven’t seen her live yet, for God’s sake please do. Every Tuesday night at Pianos in NYC for the month of February.”