The Tree RingTen Rivers

a3454241471_10“From Portland, Oregon comes The Tree Ring. On Ten Rivers, you’ll discover a truly marvelous tapestry of starry nights, sap filled nails, and the chill of a cold night soothed by a fire, it comes to fill your consciousness. Joel and the collective might run off some things akin to folk, but it’s records like these that the familiar faces of folk lend to a collective conscious rather than a steamy platitude. That’s because It really is encapsulating of emotions that weightlessness lift you, drift you, hushed, down a river unseen and every river you’d wish you could see, if only it could lull you along so gracefully like the melodies and textured married in warmth ushered by the maestro’s of The Tree Ring. ‘Cadillac Mountain’ ushers in a good record. ‘O, Sequoia’ attempts to send you off with a kiss. Hush now, a good album is here, purchase it, enjoy where it takes you.”

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Written and Arranged by Joel P West
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Chris Hobson
at Rarefied Recording in San Diego, California

Joel P West: Vocals, Guitar, Pump Organ 
Darla Hawn: Drums, Vocals 
Jon Titterington: Trumpet, Vocals 
Kelly Bennett: Violin 
Travis Maril: Viola 
Erica Erenyi: Cello 
Daniel Rhine: Bass 
Beth Ross Buckley: Flute 
Kevin Esposito: Trombone 
Valentin Martchev: Bassoon 
Julie Smith Phillips: Harp