Exclusive Premiere – RookSomeone’s Sun

“Tara Rook, or simply Rook, is back with something new. This is a premiere on Elevtrtrax that I am honored to take part in, and yes, it’s Valentines day. Get the formalities out of the way, because this warrants the amorphous frequencies and lucidity on ‘Someone’s Sun.’ Mellifluous notes dodging through phosphenes, melodic and rhythmic structures that illicit a relationship that can be so compounded yet pulled away quickly, like a shoreline under the power of a full moon. There was a time I remember the term “art music” being used a lot, there is a time more recently, where I am over brimmed with music, and what i’m beginning to feel is Rook’s work can pull the demure charm of artful conversation you weren’t sure you were having into the form. For me, it started on For Your Only and came alive on Two Of One, and once again synthesized subtly through ebb and flow on her latest ‘Someone’s Sun.’ I suggest you start from the beginning, and like a good arc musically, the artwork itself is certainly in favor of praise; images that match the pacing and palate of each record. This too by Aaron Oliver Wood. If the darkest nights produce the brightest stars, I think this song does a great job of wrapping you up and giving you something contemplatively marvelous to marvel over.”

// Support: Facebook // Mixed and mastered by Kyle Monroe at Tiny Tape Room // Playing Sunday, February 21st at The Manhattan Inn Feature event on our doNYC calendar. // LP release show March 23rd at Pianos. //