a1616916587_16“The Oh Hellos are a sibling collaboration between singer/songwriters Maggie and Tyler Heath. They hail from Texas and their album is filled with longing and hope; silver linings that orchestrate a feeling both bitter and sweet. They are independent self-produced artists and I really am enjoying the sincerity on this record, and maybe i’m a fossil, but I really enjoy the long format over singles. Their record was well thought out, it feels like a cohesive idea, and the emotional temperament mixes the highs and lows we’ve all felt and experienced before. Luckily on Through The Deep Dark Valley, The Oh Hellos fill the highs with a bright string section that pierces the heart and excavates the lows with a single lonesome vocal, as the heavy use of floor toms inspire you to get back up. This record stands alone outside the many indie folk bands that have sprung up after a few good records came along that sparked that sort of folk-revival in the industry. The Oh Hellos just make good music, they aren’t pandering to the folk scene in the majors because they are grassroots in the best sense with diy sensibilities.”

Purchase: http://www.theohhellos.com