Spotify is releasing a new project titled “I’m With The Banned” that is one part a collaborative music series and another part music documentary. The series will include music from American musicians collaborating with artists from the six Muslim-majority countries targeted by Trump’s travel ban, and the upcoming doc due this fall will document the series genesis through the lens of each of its artists.

A free event took place to celebrate the series launch yesterday at SOB’s, however our personal fav includes rapper Oddisee and Toronto-via-Somalia duo Faarrow.

While the full-length documentary will not debut until the fall, the trailer above is enticing. Both the documentary and the shorter video content will focus on the story of the artist from each banned country and the process of each collab coming to life. During a dark time of open bigotry matched by the most powerful house in the land, it’s great to see art cast a mirror back at this administrations racism.