1So last night we completed a full circle. Rook released her album End Of Sea after premiering it on our site, but the origin story starts at a show we booked for her other band Belle Mare last year. Since then, we’ve premiered 2 tracks that ultimately made their way onto her record, and without needing to say more, it’s an honor to come out and support artists here in our neighborhood and using media to showcase them. Those are the threads that tie us, and last night Tara took us on an emotional journey playing nearly all her songs. Opening the night was a fantastic soul-pop group Raia Was. As goes with any photography, it’s yours to use if you simply tag us on your end, it helps the threads yet to be weaved to have a foundation to start from, thank you for helping foster relationships! Big shout out to Hypnocraft for supporting artists as they find their voice, and for being so inviting to me and Elevtr, be on the look out for the last Hum series out on their channels soon we filmed.

HYPNOCRAFT Presents Rook [Record Release]
$5-10 Suggested Donation

>> https://tararook.bandcamp.com/

Raia Was
>> https://raiawas.bandcamp.com/