The Perennials create a world unto a world, maybe it’s the infinite, implied simply through their band name, or perhaps pieces of their brooding poetry, crafted through partners and musical collaborators Pete and Amanda Wells. Their backstory acts like a provocateurs dream-vision quest, from meeting at a bible study and marrying at the young age of 20, to creating a force of songwriting often compelling a depth well beyond age. Their latest “Miss Marionette” makes use of Pete and Amanda’s natural tambour and cesurae rich cadences–definitive of one aspect of what makes their style so distinct and fuzzily familiar.

You’ll quickly notice a smoky heaviness that defines the magnetism of your Lenard Cohen’s and Johnny Cash that is channeled through Pete Wells. Their latest “Miss Marionette,” musically, is composed using balladry piano and a single snare drenched in room reverb that hits you in the chest, while Amanda and Pete intertwine singing lines like, “Hey Miss Marionette, don’t lose your head just yet, hey miss marionette don’t lose your head,” with a delivery that will leave you a bit beguiled.

One one hand it’s a sad song, on the other, it’s the most beautiful kind of juxtaposed emotions: the ones real life is filed with. With the video to compliment, it explores this weightlessness.

The video featured was created by Cory Crawford a celebrated nature photographer, its paring with the more moody arrangements inspire a kind of blissful sadness, something akin to what The Perennials do so well in the span of a song,–and a world unto a world persists thus, just like the light on those clouds, it’s a silver lining on a setting sun, and a shapeless sky in the form of a Perennials song.

If you’re inspired by what they’re doing, you can stay tuned for show announcements for seasonal primed October, where they’ll be performing at Threes Brewing and for their debut record out on Brassland Records.”