“Out of his East Flatbush apartment, a much younger Mark Ugbomah (that goes by @markumusic) as he recalls it, heard the earliest forms of inspiration that formed his musical palate from the people closest to him. His Grandmother, mother, father, of Jamaican ethnicity were playing reggae, ska, roots-reggae while his cousins were getting inspiration from American culture in the vein of hip hop.

While there are many avenues of interest to list about this podcast, including Marku’s first dream before music while 16-17 years of age attending Abraham Lincoln High School. His brief venture into vegan cooking down south, but notably his father is a regarded reggae musician, playing for the Toasters and the Pilfers, we speak of their unique bond and the role of a positive male role model in his life, his earliest performances were with his father during those summer days. (whom is an occasional guest at his own shows now) He is now following up with a more official album from his DIY debut demo, Soul Odyssey, get to know our headliner, he offers his vision for the arts in NYC, and we’re happy to see he’s back and i’m sure MMNY would be proud to know his credits the outdoor performance at Bowery and Houston last year as his best concert experience.”