Oracle Room | Have Everything Music Video | Exclusive Premiere

“Have Everything” is a visual meditation that peers into Oracle Room’s imagination in the wildest way. It features looping scenes rhythmically sequenced to music, and all sorts of subtle imageries of perspective, with creative use of dimension, and even a secret passage way, that all work masterfully to push a transmission of experiencing a music video, to being completely invited into another world. After a realignment, singer/songwriter Alex Nelson and her band Oracle Room have been sort of playing non-stop in New York, (over 40 last year), incrementally they’ve been molding their unique cross section of celestial pop, astral gospel, and avant rock. Let’s get one thing straight, Oracle Room’s entire sound is so visual in nature, it was begging for a visual treatment and Stephen Venezia & Dan Giraldo of Nimble Fox behind the video – from production to post, – deserve an incredulous applause. Whether for the frozen scenes often looping Nelson’s movements, stop-motion animation of ships, or making a song like “Have Everything,” – something that doesn’t quite neatly fit into a mold, – have exactly the essence of its own voice, come to life. It’s really the collaboration success story here. Alex Nelson had this to say when we spoke, “The video concept is a collaboration between me and the Nimblefox team, taking inspiration from Michel Gondry’s childlike animated work, exploring the ideas of entrapment and attaining freedom.”Screenshot 2016-05-03 04.14.19So for a band that may have at one point humbly accepted the incrementalism of show-by-show success, this daring leap deeper into the Oracle Room vision is like a flower blooming into a new form. The band has a schedule of concerts listed below and the cerebral moments to draw upon just got a little larger. We’re honored to announce Oracle Room are playing our “Celebrate Elevt” concert series – our official event series taking place all summer long.

Friday, May 27 – Elevtrtrax Presents: Celebrate Elevt at Lively