3987834557_7762570a91“Sam Simkoff and his six Craigslist-sourced bandmates from Washington DC live in a house, make some tunes, and for some reason really love the French. Le Loup (The Wolf) approach their vocals like Himalayan monks; often in unison with the timbre of Indian music, as the banjos add a very Americana flavor to an otherwise worldly sound. It really is nice to hear instruments from across the world and ideas or paired stylings you wouldn’t normally register together, It seems at times the band is remotely aware of their influences, from a french band name when you’re from DC, to the hymnal harmonies and peppering of the cultures enshrined in spirituality. The band have somehow created a sound honest to the album and it’s totally worth throwing headphones on and getting lost in all the places Simkoff and Loup conjure up in you; their up there riding on clouds with those other mountain storytellers.”

Purchase: https://talitres.bandcamp.com/track/go-east