julie slick fourth dementia

a1625365593_10“Ping pong guitars played in a pocket so deep, it all makes sense when you read this amazing musicians bio. Apparently a bass virtuoso is what you need to be in order to keep the rhythm section so tight. Reminds me a bit of Gospel drumming meets Jaco Pastorious. The math isn’t over bearing for you mellow-troaders, there is plenty of jazz elements but they blend well with a choice of ambient tone layers so it won’t kill your vibe(ster). Julie Slick is a virtuoso bassist and composer known in her budding seven year career performing and recording with acclaimed musicians in both the progressive rock and jazz communities. The Crimson ProjeKct, Motzer Slick Ti, PAPER CAT, Springs, DRGN King, and butterscotch bonnets to name a few. I love seeing great musicians. I love seeing great women musicians. I love seeing great people who are great beyond the conventions they never choice to participate in, Julie is as slick as some of my past influencers and songs like ‘Infinity x1’ break the bounds of a jazz record, they make Fourth Dementia some of her best works for that reason, because you’ll find yourself feeling before counting.”

// Support: http://julieslick.bandcamp.com/track/infinity-x-1