Outraged? Do something about it.

The Creative Resistance recently produced one of the best illustrations of the crisis festering inside of New York State. New York should be a Democratic-Blue state right? Wrong. Thanks to rouge (or my favorite term TURNCOAT) Democrats that have paired up with Republicans to overturn the majority rulings of their constituents in our historically “blue” state.

With a maniacal American-fascist in power, it’s defeatist to give up and think ‘how could any Democrat out of all times especially with someone like Trump in power do this?’ Instead, this might be in some ways the best time to take on the Democratic members of the IDC and challenge those that muddy the waters for cover to use the public office for private gain.

The Creative Resistance is a group of organizers, activists, media makers, and friends who share the following goals: electing progressive candidates at the federal, state and municipal levels; resisting and counteracting the Trump administration’s most egregious policies and appointments; and protecting communities most at risk in the current political climate. They aren’t the 1st to whistle blow on this issue, in fact True Blue NY and NO IDC have been doing a great job holding rally’s and bringing media attention to this.

If the video compels you to want to defend our turf from those that wish us harm, join the real resistance and resist the enemy within, resist along with groups that are reaching voters and fighting to release these seats from Turncoat Democrats. To gain back the legislation New York desperately needs for a progressive future that is befitting one of the greatest cities on the planet, we will have to fight dishonest salesmen and saleswomen, NYC belongs to people of all persuasions no doubt, but we sure as hell aren’t chess pieces in a corrupt politicians game, especially one that would block vital economic legislation that will adversely effect us en masse, we just need to stand up for the leeches to fall.

“The Democrats who are conservative, vote with the Republicans who are conservative. The Democrats who are liberal vote with the Republicans that are liberal.” –Malcolm X