Less than three weeks ago, grassroots organization El Grito De Sunset Park established an all volunteer-led effort with a call for donations to be delivered to a storefront space in their Sunset Park neighborhood in Brooklyn.

The group who has done great work for the community has experienced an enormous outpouring of community support. It’s great to see the reciprocation of communal spirit in a time of capitalist malefice on a large scale. Since they began, they have collected more than 500 tons of non-perishable food, bottled water, and medical, first aid, and personal hygiene supplies. Every day, community volunteers have received, sorted, and packed donations into boxes according to type and weight. They have rapidly filled a 20,000 square foot warehouse with these goods as shown above in their scheduled update videos posted on their facebook page.

According to El Grito, the group is calling out once again to the community to not forget about the tragedy in Puerto Rico caused by Hurricanes that swept the island weeks ago and suffered further from the poor support from Trump, in a statement the grassroots group stated:

“Now we need to move these resources to Puerto Rico, into the hands of the people. On the island, our founder, Dennis Flores of El Grito de Sunset Park, in partnership with the National Latino Officers Association, has established a base of operations in Aguadilla, in the western province of the island, where the airport is now open. The team is working there to open up distribution routes, to move the donated goods to residents in the western and central provinces, regions under-served by the current on-island efforts prioritizing the San Juan area.”

Your support will be invaluable for ensuring the hundreds of tons of donations Sunset Park Relief Coalition has received do reach these communities in Puerto Rico. The latest list of resources for immediate and longer-term cargo or shipping, specifically listed are:

• IMMEDIATE cargo plane to transport medicine, water, and essential supplies to Aguadilla
• LONGER-TERM support for transport to the island via air or sea, whether as donated services or donated funding toward this purpose

With the support of individuals and private sector businesses, we can help El Grito provide immense benefit to the many people in the western and central provinces who are right now struggling for relief from the devastation the hurricane left behind, and who, in the coming weeks and months, will be working to rebuild their homes and communities.

Please consider making a financial tax-deductible donation to their 5o1c3 Non Profit organization.