Lanz is the project of multi-instrumentalist Ben Lanz, who’s played in The National, Beirut, Sufjan Stevens’ band, Gabriel & the Hounds and much more.

“Super Arrow” pays homage to his daughter of the same name, watch above as Lanz is exploring with his family (including his very adorable daughter Arrow) over augmented Super8 film.

The lyrics read so much like poetry but memorialize the calm honesty in the way our minds soften memory in rose-coloured light. When Lanz sings, “Sheep jump I sing her to sleep a fuzzy wool big ear comfort,” I’m right there with him in the complexity of his emotions.

Musically as versed and inquisitive Lanz is, especially for fans of his work, they’ll likely enjoy hearing the melodic lilt of sounds like the wonderful plucky guitars that drop on the dime, making his words reach you just as fast as the drums drop on the next beat.

As with most songs I come to love, they end before I want them to. Watching Arrow run around & play in the park, is the perfect simple way IMO to capture the awe that is a new life. The video was shot mostly in Ditmas Park.


Lanz passed on a statement to Elevtr about the track’s visual, saying:

“Super Arrow is a song about my daughter being born. It’s really that simple. The looping riff that weaves through the bigger sections of the song were a direct reflection of my excitement for her impending arrival and sort of spilled into the rest of the song being written after her birth.”–Ben Lanz

[ I can’t think of a better lagniappe to give someone so special to you, it’s gotta rock to have your dad be Ben Lanz.]