The Colors We Knew is a musical project hailing from Syosset, Long Island and they’re f*ckn nuts!

Comprised of Luke Sedge and Christopher Haas, their track “Adne” has guitars with shark teeth, but the trill of the noises rocking over the crawling drums makes it sound like a dinosaur walking.

Having spent my teens on Long Island in a band myself, I can say Long Island had its day under the sun after the sun set on us. The press & labels may have left Taking Back Sunday with them, but kids my age (apparently we’re called Xennials now) were throwing house shows in garages and not all of us were white suburban’s playing emo or hardcore. While a Long Island music history is something we’ve never quite done, we’re seriously considering it. Bands like The Colors We Knew really remind me of some of the sounds in the early 2000’s while never relying on calling back. If you’d like to know more about the band check them out here.