When divisiveness aims to mire a society, we depend on truth tellers and voices from the marginalized to speak up and educate us. When all people committed to a just humanity come together to unite against marginalization, sometimes it’s hard to process all the conversations that need to happen and are happening. Because it can be hard to know how we’ve listened to all we’ve heard, especially if we come from one particular marginalized portion of soceity and not another, essential series like Reparations 365 at JACK have made the effort to synthesize and address head-on the challenge of racial discrimination, not only of the past, but for current injustices in housing, policing, hiring and incarceration.

While JACK’s own commitment to this topic was in motion well before the recent U.S. presidential election, now, in the aftermath of the campaign, the idea of reparations feels both absolutely improbable and absolutely necessary.

Tickets are still available here, for New Yorker’s looking to hear from a diverse panel on the topic of intersectionality in today’s divided climate. 



Reparations for Whom?
A Community Conversation on Intersectionality
Part 1: U.S.A.
When: Tuesday, July 11 at 6:30 pm
Where: JACK  |  505 ½ Waverly Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238  |   C or G train to Clinton-Washington
“We will explore the inherent intersectionality of a call for reparations, taking a closer look at domestic reparations efforts, including those for indigenous peoples and for Japanese families interned in the U.S. during WWII.  Special guests will inform the conversation. There will be food.