“Hoops for Justice” is a basketball tournament in Flatbush that was founded in July 2013 in remembrance of Shantel Davis & Kimani Gray, two young lives that were taken by NYPD.

Dozens of young men and their supporters will assemble to compete in a basketball tournament unlike any other in the neighborhood this summer. They compete not only for prizes and prestige, but also to stand for a positive vision of their community. This tournament was brought together by tragedy and now locals want to bring the community together in celebration of Shantel & Kimani’s life.

Natasha, the sister of the late Shantel Davis expands on the need for this tournament to heal a community still mourning over the loss, “Our youths must be protected, educated and feel safe in the neighborhood in which they reside. It is time to bring the residents of East Flatbush together to stand united against police brutality. This tournament is dedicated to the young people of East Flatbush and to all families who have lost a love one to police brutality.”

Every year, they have an average of 150 young people who participate in the tournament and between 200-300 people who come from the community.

If you would like to help them raise the $3,000 needed to put this tournament on, the links can be found below, your donations directly help pay for basketball jerseys, the equipment, the park and sound permits, food, the referees, the DJ and the trophies, lastly Natasha Duncan’s gratitude reads below.

“Thank you for helping to honor my sister, Shantel, and Kimani ‘s memory. Your support is greatly appreciated.” Natasha Duncan, sister of Shantel Davis

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Shot and edited by Patrick Chang, for ‘Equality For Flatbush’ (E4F): Police Accountability Working Group