No fillers, just good music. That’s the Diary experience. “I Die” isn’t exactly the menacing track as suggested, instead it’s quite uplifting in tempo and spirit. If you’re into jangly rock without the floundering aimlessness of the squeaky clean indie pop-sphere, this is a great track for you. Rife with post-punk gloom rock inspiration via flattering 80’s homages to bands like The Cure, The Clash, and The Smiths, yet made current with interplaying guitars more akin to bands like DIIV than the former.

Around the 2:29 mark the edge really comes through, as both guitars finally show their teeth, the drums and bass do a wonderful job playing clean solid licks in the storm of distortion before the band lands right back on its head-bobbing chorus (sure to be stuck in your mind by now).

You can follow the band here, and be sure to see them around the NYC music scene rocking out near you.