Meet new school old school crooner BSKi, (pronounced “bee-skee”) with a touch Jamiroquai and neo-soul, it’s the pure poetry he’s writing that takes his sound to another level, with lines like,

“Idiot wind ain’t just dancin’ by
Committee of hens and they shan’t abide
your video games and venial sins
so tedious trends of media frenzied bans arrive
Your plebeian friends with they hands held high
got minimum chance to withstand that tide
Immediate landscapes get gentrified
Ingredients tend to enhance that high
Your pineal glands will advance that lie
that them stakes ain’t high
Fake a stance or hide
on the fence don’t ride
Man the champs won’t cry
When the meteor lands the tyrannosaurs die
…and they can’t survive”

Check out this native New Yorker’s official site here.