Today is the day you meet Tangina Stone, a loving spirit you meet on paper and through her sound. Her new single “Anxious” off upcoming Elevate, builds off her coming to New York/coming to age saga; to ask herself the hard questions, and dive deep into the unknown, that anxiety of not knowing how to answer those questions, and feeling like you want to escape from your mind.

Musically it features sparse verses with bell-toned keys that erupt into large choruses and the pointed struggle is sung like a mantra. Tangina expanded on the songs conception herself, stating, “I wrote “Anxious” to shed some light on my own personal journey and struggle with mental health. The song is literally a page out of my personal journal. I hope that this song will somehow be the starting point for many conversations centered around mental health awareness. It means the world to me that this song might be able to make an impact. Thank you to everyone who is supporting it.”

Check out our in-depth interview with Tangina Stone, and her single that you can grab off iTunes here. Leonard Cohen once said the cracks are where the light gets in, we’re so lucky there are artists that can make art from that.

Tangina’s first full-length album Elevate is expected for release in April 2017.