Our Blog Is Now In The App Store via Hypemachine!

Imagine being able to stream our entire blog on the go. That’s essentially what the HypeMachine app allows you to do. What’s special about this is that instead of hitting shuffle on Spotify, you can discover a hyper-local list of artists on the fly.

Every band featured on our site is a reflection of a neighborhood, and at a vastly varying level in their respective careers, if they share something in common, it’s that they’re locals and they’re burning with creativity.

  1. Just find us in the blog directory after downloading the app
  2. Press play to enjoy a stream of all things love of thy craft: from bedroom geniuses writing from tiny apartments to the collabs that happen in the DIY scene, it’s all there in one app.

Special thanks to Me Not You, a new artist from Brooklyn (formerly Little Daylight) that let us use their new single “Bulletproof” for our trailer (you can find this song right in our playable blog list on the app!)

• If you’re ever in the mood to see what’s happening locally, it’s a list like no other that’s going to be updated in real-time as long as we’re running a blog (year 2 here we go!)

• If you’re like me and get lost in discovering artists till you find things that hit you square in the heart and thus open thy wallet/make you attend gigs, this is like a little time capsule of the musicians of New York making music: each with a message of their own for you to discover and experience right now!

• So go! Download it NOW and fall in love and know you can see each one of them live next weekend if you wanted to.

If you’re hell bent on Spotify, we’re also pooling monthly lists on there, you can check out Volume 1 now.