Hnry Flwr – As Above, So Below | Premiere

Here is a glamorous way to indulge the indie-pop sphere with 70’s flair. Hnry Flwry’s no stranger to the pastiche of retro, building a budding approach of playfulness with poise on his latest “As Above, So Below.” In what stands for modern esthetics and are somewhere between lo-and-high-fi, it’s this sense of excitement in Hnry Flwr’s songwriting I really welcome; it’s in his music videos, it’s in his makeup and outfits–what comes from the dustbin of that Bowie-esque New York era–is an exciting feeling that I get from his work.

Musically prepare to be met with meandering keys that sound only slightly menacing, paired strangely great next to the washed out bass and guitars, the rhythm section gallantly stays in the garage, making great DIY scenery for his baritone voice. Hnry Flwr is relatively a newcomer to the DIY NY scene, this is true, and in a burn out before you fade away scene for many, he’s gained the interests of Paper Garden Records, (aka the label with stickers all over the entirety of North Brooklyn) the local label that also represents troubadour David Thomas Broughton and Georgia-based Little Tybee.

They’re set to release his debut EP Flowerama this summer. If this is the moment his sporadic sparks of creative genius lead to the “Hnry Flwr Psychedelic Experience,” sign me up! Who doesn’t want to escape into the desert and dance around a firepit? Well, one can hope, and for anyone yearning for the feeling of something new and something old, Hnry Flwr is just hitting a stride, jump on the spaceship and let him take you away.

How about tonight?

LPR Presents will be hosting Hnry Flwr at Trans-Pecos during this beautiful full moon, Monday, March 13.

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