It felt like yesterday I blogged the following, “Oh, Bushwick. How you maintained the DIY glory after Williamsburg, it was a story that like all stories was riddled with setbacks.” A sentiment too close to my heart, a heavy thing it is, as Shea Stadium announced this morning they were permanently closing. This comes off the heel of their re-opening last month. On a random Monday in February their doors were opened once again, booze flowing, and bands ripping it up, here’s the official statement from venue owners.

If we want to keep the music scene alive here, we need to get politically involved, please check out E4F & the BAN network, committed to fight against gentrification, greedy landlord practices, and general hub of all things local resistance against the unaffordability plaguing New York. DeBlasio falls flat on his empty rhetoric towards making New York a place where the middle class & poor can live, and we need to hold him accountable.