Me Not You – Relief – Music Video

There’s nothing like the harsh grit of bridges and 8-bit pulsation effects juxtaposed to Brooklyn to start off a music video: attention seized! This brand new ditty from Me Not You builds off the anthemic debut of “Bulletproof,” released just the other month, while both evoke a way to reach their climax in respect methods, “Relief” borrows some colors from the 90’s, though sounding more like what it is, a 2017 version–jangly guitars and choruses with teeth exposed–a feeling slightly reminiscent of the post-grunge wave a la Garbage and Hole.

Taking place in mostly Bush-stuy (the nooks and crannies between Bushwick and Bed-stuy) Broadway gets a cameo, and visually there’s plenty of eye-catching pop out effects like the little notebook scribbles and kaleidoscope split screens, but all of these are simply scenery, as a Nikki Taylor and Eric Zeller go into cool gang mode with sunglasses on. Nikki Taylor tosses around chatoyant eyes, rocking wildly about, offering up a window into what it’s like being kicked out of Catholic school, “You call me a sinner, you push me till I explode, but I’m just being myself. In a sense it’s a relief.”

In a sense, it’s a relief for me, as a friend and fan of Little Daylight, seeing a new band form from the ashes that leaves the modular pop confines of its brilliance to dive into a new kind of brilliance; one of snarling lyrical freedom, building off the musical legacy left by an indie-pop group, you can hardly pigeon hold them, it takes guts to create something new and it takes talent to pull it off this well.