A Day Without Women | Washington Square Park

Yesterday thousands showed up to march at Trump tower and Washington Square park for a “Day Without a Woman” gatherings part of a nationwide/international strike to show women’s impact on the American economy.

The first demonstration of the day saw about 1,000 people gathered on Fifth Avenue in the shadow of Trump Tower to demonstrate on International Women’s Day. Women dressed in red brandished picket signs throughout the crowd, some with feminist icons like Rosie the Riveter accompanied by messages like “You can’t do it without us” and others with the female gender symbol. Some leaders seemed to have been targeted, given the arbitrary charge by NYPD of disorderly conduct, Linda Sarsour was amongst them as well as Tamika Mallory.
Later in the evening, hundreds of people, including several parents and children, began to march from Washington Square Park to Zuccotti Park. We were there at Washington Square park to speak with women there and create a highlight reel of some of the speeches, which includes DSA’s chair, the Democratic Socialist of America. Here are some highlights from instragram.

It was a beautiful and inspiring day at the #daywithoutawoman rally in #washingtonsquarepark #nyc yesterday

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🤘🏽🤘🏿🤘🤘🏻🤘🏾International Women’s Day | Washington Square Park , NYC

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