Rise, Revolt, Resist!

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• We understand many folks are at a protest nearly every day: good! But “no revolution has been won sober” as my 60-year-old neighbor says.

• Music and art must continue to guide our hearts and loosen the gears of revolt. It’s why we’ve curated 100 songs from the last 70 years of protest, we hope it lifts your spirits, keeps the hearth of revolt burning, and guides each and everyone of us along the way!

From MLK speeches, Pussy Riot critiques, and iconic folk songs by Pete Seeger, our playlist: Rise, Revolt, Resist! is now on Spotify.🌏🎵🎵🎶

⭐️Please share and let the revolution be within you (and your ears.)🇺🇸

• Rise, Revolt, Resist Link: https://open.spotify.com/…/…/playlist/7kCCOU2q2SgGgko1HjAx4X