Sufjan StevensKid Millions (Oneida, Man Forever) Ben Lanz (Beirut, The National) and Jan St. Werner (Mouse On Mars), have collaborated with each other, but never all four at the same time.

Prep your hearts! February 18 at National Sawdust in Brooklyn for a special performance they’re calling DISRUPT, will mark the debut by the troubadours of ambient-folk-soul.

Tickets now on sale now. This quartet, along with some very special guests, will enjoy improvised moments of togetherness, communicating devices, turning knobs, mashing buttons, stomping boxes and dragging horns around a skyscrapered room.

This quartet, along with special guests will explore the spatiality of electro-acoustics interacting with environment through a collaging of instruments, textures and compositional disruptions. This is four musicians proudly prioritizing collaboration and experimentalism in the face of our current, troubling political environment that looks to diminish and ultimately dissolve thoughtful artistic innovation.