I’ve never been surrounded by est 2 million woman and men of every walk of life and felt so loved and engaged. These are some of the host of photos we took both during inauguration night and during the Women’s march in D.C. Attending both inaugural night, a night of clear sadness, and the next day being surrounded by the exact people that truly define this country, we are the most bad ass melting pot of the world and have a deep sense of love.

The Trumps of the world are temporary but the power of the people is NEVER temporary!

Water is life

The future is female

Black lives matter

Islam is peace

Love is love

We’re all immigrants

People not profits

Indigenous March On Washington

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Each journey begins with one step forward in the dark towards the light of a new day. To all my Millennial nocturnes, overeducated and underpaid, bright minded and crippled with the looming fear of war and economic plight. Take one step, it gets easier with each one. Say it with me, I don’t want to live in a world where love is a crime and war is a business, where we cripple the world to amass fortunes for a few while another child suffers. If one suffers in America we all suffer, and while Flint drinks poison, or more poison is put into our rivers, love and love of community is the song of this movement. We mobilize for our personal grievances but sing the same melody that rings in the key of a fairer economy, a cleaner environment—so that the very fabric of our earth sustains life and not weakens it. I stand because to scapegoating I just say no, because my sisters are not a commodity, because my black brothers are not a commodity, because even with the privilege of the court on your side because the color of your skin, you feel it too, because the real threat is those that support the American Caste system. Trust me it didn’t work in India, go on and be a Democracy America, fight for right, like Martin Says, fight for right, the greatest hallmark of a true democracy. (We are currently working on a short doc about the crisis in America regarding clean water.)

Women’s March

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