New Track City | The Damn Gina Mixtape

Hip hop groups come on the scene brandishing jazz, soul and rap with lyrical captivity: a pessimist says, good about time, but an optimist says i’m not surprised at all, that’s where I stand, it’s all connected legacies, of course the youth can embody that, maybe we need to celebrate talent more than we dish out on who’s failed, if you agree keep reading.

We normally don’t focus on artists outside New York, but it doesn’t take a leap to figure out the connection to hip hop being we are New York and hip hop is us. We first discovered Federal Way’s New Track City in May of this year with their experimental release of “Loreley’s Song.”

The Damn Gina Mixtape, is a powerhouse of lyrical content, probably the most true to their original sound are the tracks “Hustleman With A Kazoo” & “Ain’t The Same” but they’re so much more focused than the last record, take a listen below.

New Track City is comprised of two main rappers Bem and Chi. Stone, while The Damn Gina Mixtape features a slew of underground producers rising the ranks, including Conductor Williams @dwillbeats, Rasa Sono, @rasasono, Straight Edge Shay @shayislame, ShoBeatz @sho-beatz, and Pablo @notpablo.

The Washington-based group took a few minutes to join us, they’re the last artist to answer questions with us, so what’s up guys!  

1) How has 2016 shaped up for your work? Highs and lows?

“2016 has been a pretty huge leap as far as our work goes. We were able to shoot music videos to our songs Fortune & Loreley’s Song Pt. II so that was definitely huge. Releasing our mixtape the “Damn Gina Tape” was even something special in it’s own right. Everything came together on it’s own this year which was a blessing. To be honest with you, there wasn’t really too much low points. Everything we set out to do we basically accomplished it this year.”

2) Can you walk us through the Gina Mixtape from wiring it, producing, recording, to the title.

“So the Damn Gina Tape is a mixtape we put together in dedication of our friend Gina passing away. It was real easy writing to this project because we were speaking from our heart the whole time. A majority of the beats were produced by our boy Conductor Williams. The dope thing about this tape is we brought in a lot of live sounds. For us,there’s nothing better than the musicality live instrumentation brings.”

3) What does hip hop mean to you?

“Hip Hop means style, freedom & voice. Those are the first few things that come to mind when defining this genre because it’s the only genre that has no rules. Style because there’s no right or wrong way to create, it’s a feeling. Freedom because for better or worse, anyone can attempt to create Hip Hop and voice because and we’re speaking from experience now. Hip Hop has given us and millions of others a platform to be heard that we may never of had before.”

4) Plans for 2017?

“2017 is gonna be special. Expect a new project first quarter of the year! Quality visuals. We have no choice but to elevate and innovate for those who paved the way for us and those coming after! We plan to go hard for the people!”