Me Not You Bulletproof

The most beautiful thing about the ephemeral is the moment the light of a new day cracks open the horizon. Me Not You’s debut single “Bulletproof” is a new day and a new chance to let go of that imaginary thing we call fear. Sonically the feeling is heavy and condense; the lows are so low they feel like an abyss, while the highs are all for that vocal range to explore, notes on lines like “We’ve been lost in a dream” stir something up in your throat and heart, it’s hard not to feel a little emotional the way the words are sung knowing what they mean. The guitar work ushers in a gothic-esque feeling if it weren’t for the lyrics that imbue a certain next morning camhanaic, pounded by the deepness of the floor-tom heavy drumming. The result is a really interesting mix of styles with a message that dares one to heal themselves by accepting that they were indeed never bulletproof, shall we accept the power of mortality? We shall, because “A new day is dawning.”