Boytoy | When The Night Falls (The Eye’s Cover) | Premiere

“I forgot where I first heard this song, but when I did I was totally entranced.  It was one of the sexiest songs I’d ever heard.” –Saara Untracht-Oaknerunnamed-4NYC trio BOYTOY just wrapped their first ever European tour earlier this month, and are set to announce a three-night run in Puerto Rico, Dec. 1st-3rd. In accord with their creative momentum, we’re premiering an awesome cover of The Eye’s 60s garage-rock classic “When The Night Falls.”

Taking in the BOYTOY aesthetic is largely contingent on how much energy you can handle. What they’ve done for “When The Night Falls” contrasts their rawness with a surfability that’s welcoming and welded together seamlessly. In one essence they’re Brooklyn-based, in another their retro-oceania fluidity takes you wherever you’re willing to go.


The trio emerged in 2014, proving sweaty DIY shows and a solid debut self-titled can co-exist. The band started by Saara Untracht-Oakner and Glenn Van Dyke, is set on more tours and even another record down the pipeline. Putting that into perspective, it goes against the weekend warrior tropes, BOYTOY have been on the road most of the past year after releasing their debut full-length album Grackle last October and after the Puerto Rico dates, BOYTOY will tour out to the West Coast again in January, to once again spend the winter in Los Angeles and start work on a follow up full-length record for later in 2017. Here’s to pouring one for the local band identity, it seems BOYTOY are now set on course to wherever it’ll take them, with their roaring riffs, kick-snare drive, and starlit nights pushing the momentum beyond the front-row of any particular stage.


Needless to say we were thrilled to have Saara of BOYTOY chime in on the bands cover of “When The Night Falls,” when we spoke to Saara she mentioned, “I forgot where I first heard this song, but when I did I was totally entranced.  It was one of the sexiest songs I’d ever heard.  So much feel and so much cool for such a simple song.  I loved how it could convey so much with so little.  I wanted to cover it for awhile but never actually tried it.  Then one day this summer I was playing it in the car and proposed it to Glenn and Chase and they were both super into it.  So Chase learned the drum part and Glenn came in with some tambourine and psychy noise guitar stuff and I borrowed Chases harmonica and we laid down our version on the song in a little studio Glenn that rents out in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.”


“When The Night Falls” is also going to be released as a split 7” single in January by Swiss label Sacred Hood & PaperCup Music with a track from Swiss group Schade so be sure to watch out for that. The official dates for their tour are below.




12/01 – San Juan, PR @ La Boveda
12/02 – San Juan, PR @ Club 77
12/03 – Rincon, PR @ Pool Bar
1/25 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo