Cosmic Harvey – Little Sea PebbleMusic Video Premiere 

“Little Sea Pebble” is a strong juxtaposition to the climate, but it’s welcoming new weather. You can find out Cosmic Harvey’s back story here when bandleader Andrew Accardi took over our page and debuted new music from his latest project. Andrew says on his new song/video,


“I hope ‘Little Sea Pebble’ will remind you to embrace your need to be given love, and to give love–with every atom in your body–to those who need your embrace.”

What I find to be how Cosmic Harvey sounds like is a pretend scenario where Andrew Accardi is in some sort of library of music when he bumps into a shelf knocking over dated synth pop. Coming from an indie rock background with bands in the past, Cosmic Harvey has a more classical element, that also combines aspects of synth-funk seen in the 70’s. Andrew Accardi also attributes Stevie Wonder as a big inspiration and influence.

“Who can resist a human dancing like no one in the world is watching?” you say, I agree. Maybe in its own way it’s a little reminder that the opposite of fear is what this video feels like. It’s not a bold over-compensaion either, there’s doubt and human worry in the song. I find that to be perhaps more impactful on me, and a springboard between life’s polarities.

But he’s still dancing under the sun, knowing full well, this isn’t what inertia looks like, this is what joy looks like.  screenshot-2016-11-17-15-04-44My favorite scene of course, echoing my feelings, is where Accardi looks up for a moment, attempting to block the sun with his hands.

He squints at the sunlight, the warm colors interact with the filmic look. These hues coated in green–blue are the wonders of VHS film grain; achieved by Billy Duprey who shot this video. In Andrew’s last statement, he said,

“I want to thank everyone involved in this video for their time, patience, love and hard work. Thank you Nadeem for your infinite support and encouragement.”–Andrew Accardi (Cosmic Harvey, Robbers, Shone)