Hideout is Manhattan-based singer/songwriter Gabriel Rodriguez’s solo project. Rodriguez who’s also a longtime band member of Cults, is back with a sophomore album titled, So Many Hoops / So Little Time. While it’s set to release on February 3rd of next year, the song “Doctor” caught our attention for its use of lyrical wordplay, jangly guitars, and an unabashed celebration of joy and pain. While not your fathers roots rock, it also delves into witty-pop with psych undertones, and plenty of genderless sounding group vocals. Rodriguez’s cadence are the fun little ticker tape parades that compete with the snare, while the angular guitars create a nice break of clumsy to the driving rhythms of the band, this is joining me on the train ride home, right now!

So Many Hoops/So Little Time is out February 3rd 2017 on Small Plates Records, but you can pre-order it in digital and physical now.