Ensemble EntenduPeel Back

Ensemble Entendu is a collaborative project of the label heads of Astro Nautico. Co-founder and co-owner Sam O.B. (f.k.a. Obey City) and label artist Photay have put together a fiery display on Selected Rhythm Works, Vol 1. Since July 2014, inspired by back-to-back deejay sets at Astro Nautico parties and around New York, O.B. and Photay have been linking their individual production styles between Brooklyn studios in order to create a form dance music that centralizes the timeless power of the drum, exploring sound signatures of house music, new jack, African polyrhythm, dub reggae, ‘80s prog, P-funk, dancehall, and much more. This flurry of styles stitches a Trans-Atlantic tapestry of drumming across generations and seas with a center that is nowhere but the dance floor, seriously needs to be bumped at your next party.